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Sisi Therapy Massage

Sisi Therapy Massage Malta, Health & Beauty Malta

Specialized in the Special Secret Therapy Massage, helping anyone having any muscle, and nerve pain.

This Massage revitalizes the outside as well as regenerating the inside also thanks to the high quality natural products. 

Visit our website and come and view all of our vast range of products and services to purchase from, or simply come over for a massage! 
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Vast variety and range of products to choose from such as: Cosmetics, vitamin, toothpaste , shampoo , collagen, immune system booster.
Further Discount will be given should you chose the SMART DELIVERY Option. 

For any inquiries please call 356 9976 0082 our Team of Experts is there and waiting for you! 


St. Pauls Bay


16.Sant Antnin Street, St. Paul's Bay


9976 0082

Business Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 
09:00hrs to 19:00hrs 

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