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Strength in numbers!


Shopper Lottery is a vibrant and active consumer community that brings together hundreds of local businesses and tens of thousands of verified consumers. Individuals spend money at your outlet, upload their receipt to our platform and get a lottery ticket for every €25 spent. Then, every week we give out €1,500 in vouchers to the winners who can only spend them in participating outlets. It’s so simple, but incredibly effective. Here are 3 fantastic reasons to join us:

1 - Promote your business to a massive community!
By joining the Shopper Lottery programme you are exposing your organisation to a huge community of confirmed, registered consumers. People who are buying things on a regular basis. As our client, your business is listed on one of Malta’s highest traffic websites, which is visited by thousands of people every day all of whom are looking for places to spend money. Not only that but when you join we will include you in our mailshot which goes out to all our 35,000 members letting them know which new businesses have joined the community. There can’t be a much better or more cost-effective way of giving your business an incredible promotional boost!

2 - Reward clients, get new ones!
Running your own loyalty scheme can be costly, time-consuming and totally impractical. By being part of Shopper Lottery, you are giving something back to your regular clients without any of the hassles of running a scheme yourself. Not only that, but we know for a fact that many people in our huge community of players specifically choose to spend money at participating outlets in order to be able to upload their receipts. So it’s a great way to keep your existing clients happy and bring in some new ones!

3 - Earn direct revenue!
And don’t forget, the dozens of vouchers we give out every week as prizes can only be used at businesses who are part of the community. So there is every chance a few of our winners will come to your outlet to spend some, or maybe all, of their vouchers. That’s real, genuine sales you possibly wouldn’t have made otherwise. So, the net cost of being part of Shopper Lottery could turn out to be next to nothing over the course of your 12-month membership.

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