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Strength in numbers!

Shopper Lottery is Malta’s first community shopping lottery, giving your clients the opportunity to win €50,000 twice yearly!

Many businesses are financially unable to offer a lottery or rewards scheme on their own – at least not one with a substantial prize. But by bringing those businesses together, we are giving organisations of all sizes the chance to be part of a bigger picture.

People buying products or services from participating outlets during the lottery phase are entitled to one entry into the draw for every €25 they spend, creating a unique selling point for your business and giving clients an added incentive to increase their outlay!

A formal draw will be held at the end of each lottery phase with the prize money split between a large number of different winners – with prizes ranging from ten thousand Euros to a hundred Euros.
What’s more, the prize money can only be spent at participating outlets – meaning there is a very high chance that clients will be visiting your business to spend their winnings! Backed by an extensive marketing and promotional campaign, the fully-licensed Shopper Lottery provides consumers and businesses with a perfect win-win scenario. 

Give us a call today on 2789 2789 and be part of Malta’s most exciting new lottery scheme.