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There are hundreds of different outlets taking part in the Shopper Lottery. A full list of every outlet participating is listed on the Where to shop page.
Open an account on then send us photographs of your purchases through your account. If using a mobile phone you can also upload the receipt by taking a photo using your phone camera.

You can send in your receipts by post provided each receipt is clearly marked with your name, ID card number and mobile phone number. However, it is easier and quicker if you send them in digitally plus you get to hold on to the original receipt or invoice yourself.
Absolutely not. The more the merrier and, of course, the more chance you have of winning.
Definitely not. Each entered receipt and invoice is scanned and checked for duplicates. Anybody found to be sending in the same receipt more than once will have their account closed and their tickets invalidated.
No. Anybody found with multiple accounts will have all accounts closed and any tickets they have accumulated invalidated.
You can see your tickets by logging into your account on Shopper Lottery.
Each draw will be held under the auspices of the Malta Gaming Authority. The draws will be broadcast live on this website. If you can’t make the draw, don’t worry, each winner will be displayed on the website and they will also be notified by us.
Put simply, you get to spend your winnings at any of the outlets that participated in the lottery you won.

Fiscal receipts or paid invoices are to be delivered to our offices by not later than three months from the date of the draw. Refunds will be issued by cheque within 30 working days of us receiving your claim to allow for checking, verification and processing.

If you have won €500 or under you must collect receipts or paid invoices covering your entire winnings before presenting them to Shopper Lottery to start the refund process
Absolutely not. You can choose to spend your winnings at a variety of outlets. Just make sure they outlets you are spending at were participants in the lottery you won. We will send you a list of the outlets where you can spend your winnings just to be certain.
No, you can spend your winnings over a period of time either in one outlet multiples times or in a variety of outlets. However, all winnings must be claimed within three months of the announcement of winnings.

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