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Pickless Butcher

Pickless Butcher Malta, Butcher Malta

A family-run business, specializing in local and imported meat products including beef, pork, poultry, rabbits, lamb, and horse meat. 
We are known for pork which is bred and raised on our own farms, at the best quality standards.

We offer a large selection of home-made products including:

• Home-made lamb, beef, and chicken burgers
• Home-made kebabs
• Home-made bragioli and meatballs
• Stuffed chicken, pork, and turkey
• Variety of marinated meat products as requested
• Freshly prepared Maltese sausage




St. Rokku Str Il-Kalkara


2180 7698

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday:
08.00hrs to 15.00hrs 

08.00rhs to 12:00hrs 

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