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Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd.

Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd.  Malta, Pet Shops Malta

Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd. was set up in 1948 by Maurice Borg Cardona and strengthened throughout the years by Stanley Borg Cardona, current Managing Director of the Company.

With over 70 years of experience Borg Cardona & Co Ltd are leading experts in pets and farm animals in general. 

Together with knowledge and expertise Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd are currently representing over 50 brands directly related to pet and farm animal nutrition, medicines, utilities, hygiene, safety, comfort and other supplies; some of which are top quality products commonly used in the market such as Royal Canin, Merial, Camon, Duvo +, Pet Safe, Busy Buddy, Net-Tex, Candioli, Cede, Veronesi, and Travipharma.




Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd, Eltex, Dr. Zammit Street, Balzan


2144 2698

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday: 
08:00hrs to 19:00hrs 

08:00hrs to 12:30hrs 

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