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ESS Limited Malta, Electrical Supplies Malta

Electrical Supplies and Services Ltd, better known as ESS, is the brainchild of Duncan Agius, its founder and CEO who, anticipating the times which were prevalent in the late 1990s, in 2001 decided to embark on a new project which culminated many a year of operational experience gained. Electrical Supplies and Services Ltd was thus formed.

ESS commenced operations form a 300 square metres retail outlet with warehousing facilities being provided from a mere house basement. Nevertheless, through hard work and perseverance, it did not take the company that long to become recognised as a leading stockist of a vast range of electrical goods and provider of related services becoming in the process equally popular amongst commercial and domestic customers alike.

The company’s vision would not have become a reality had it not been for the incessant support given by an array of foreign principals who soon started to turn themselves into pivotal strategic alliances. GE Power Controls (Italy), Fael Luce (Italy), Mondini Cavi (Italy) and Scolmore International Limited (UK) were amongst the first to show unconditional support in ESS’s operational endeavours.




ESS Building, San Gwakkin Road, Mriehel


2125 5777 / 2125 5888

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday:  
08:00hrs to 17:45hrs

08:00hrs to 12:00hrs 

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