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Goccia is a product that represents pureness and simplicity. For decades, this work of passion and research by the master perfumer Vincenzo Polverino has been a class of its own, and no two perfumes are the same. For over 30 years, Vincenzo Polverino has painstakingly researched the best olfactory pyramids through a process of alchemy in a small laboratory, with a forge of stimuli and perfumes.
In his process of transformation and combination, he selects raw materials from the extracts and fragrances of fruits, flowers, oils, and resins, creating scents that fill the environment in a lasting way, breathing life to all-Italian excellence.

Goccia offers a range of room sprays and air fresheners for linens, scented crystals for vacuum cleaners, fabric softeners and detergents for laundry, as well as floor care and much more to scent your home and make it shine. Each product has timeless scents designed to create unique, inviting atmospheres with a sense of sophistication. A fragrant home is a welcoming home.

Goccia Malta, Detergent Shop Malta




30, Karm Zerafa Street, BKR 1712, Birkirkara, Malta


+356 77103697

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