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Storie e Sapori

Storie & Sapori comes from the love I feel for Naples, for its history, and from the love I have for the flavors of my land. 

Bringing Naples into the world
What I have in mind is not simply a restaurant, it is a ludic-gastronomic journey.
A place where every element, every dish, every flavor takes on its own meaning, because every element must contribute to making that journey to discover the typical food and wine culture of the Neapolitan territory.
For this reason, I started looking for suppliers, collaborators, staff from Naples and involved my whole family in my project: bringing Naples into the world.
Starting from a small island. A small island that has seen a colony of Amalfi settle some time ago, leaving an indelible trace: the Amalfi cross, today a symbol of the Maltese State.
From here, with my premises, I want to bring Neapolitan culture to the world.
Follow me, I will take you to discover the wonders of my land, my city, my love: Naples, its history, its flavors.

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Storie e Sapori Malta, Pizzeria Malta


St. Julians


St. Augustine Street - 13, 14, 15, 16 - St. Julians


2789 8927 - 7904 6267

Business Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 
12:00hrs to 00:00hrs 



152, The Strand Il-Gżira


2134 3143

Business Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 
12:30hrs to 00:00hrs 

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