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Esprit Malta, Fashion Retail Malta

Esprit was born in the 1960s, an era known for the revolutionary spirit of its people, and the cultural shifts they inspired. 
Fifty years later, we believe that now is the time for the next revolution; a revolution in terms of how we interact with our environment, how we support our fellow global citizens, and how we create and care for the things we love.

Inclusive circularity rests on the respectful use of both material resources and human resources. In an inclusive, circular economy, growth will be based on human capital instead of the extraction of natural resources. 
Waste is no longer an option. 

Ensuring that our actions at Esprit embody this philosophy means rethinking every step of the fashion life cycle. 
So we are re-examining the way we approach design, material selection, manufacturing, and distribution, and align with new streams to support care, collection, resale, recycling, and re-utilization.




Level -1 The Point Shopping Mall Tigne, Sliema


2060 1075

Business Hours:

Monday to Saturday:
10:00hrs to 19:30hrs

11:00hrs to 18:00hrs 

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