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DayFresh Meats Tradition In Quality Foods
Our Dayfresh meats counters are filled up daily with fresh meats coming in every morning.
In our experience every customer needs are individual as they are. At Dayfresh we strive to give our clients the wildest choice possible of different meats and 
various cuts and preparations available for their meat. We are always happy to advise and give tips to ensure the best results appear on your plate.
All ingredients used in meat preparation at DayFresh are additive free and healthy.
We invite you to visit our shop to let us assist you in selecting the very best meats available.

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DayFresh Meats  Malta, Butcher Malta




Constitution Street, Mosta


2744 8007

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday: 
08:30hrs to 19:00hrs Saturday: 
08:30hrs to 16:00hrs Sunday: 

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